English pronunciation can make you look good or dumb!

Have you ever watched a TV interview of your favorite athlete just to hear them butcher the pronunciation of a word so bad that it makes you cringe? I ran across this past article by Justin Brown and wanted to share with you 10 commonly mispronounced English words that can make you look dumb! Do you have any that you hear often to add to this list?


A little fodder for conversation with family and friends around the Thanksgiving table!



15 Grammar Goofs…

I just had to share this article by Brian Clark with you today, it is so easy to make these mistakes!  One must always be reviewing correct grammar, especially with technology and auto-correct trying to figure it out for you. How many times have you let one of these slip by in a post you have made on a social network or a text message?

By Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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2012 A Brand New Start!

The first quarter has been a hectic one so far in 2012, right now I am in the midst of refining my business plan, enhancing my overall marketing and branding! As part of my marketing refinement I have rebuilt my web presence by separating voice-over from my other business website and have built this new site dedicated to the voice-over industry. I have upgraded into the wonderful world of WordPress, and thanks to “VoxMan” aka Corey Snow for developing that awesome audio player widget for the sidebar! Kudos to Corey!

While I still have a lot to do, for those of you that have been to my old voice-over site you can see this website is a major upgrade from my previous site and will continue to evolve as I move through my branding refinement process.

As far as the blogging goes, I have re-evaluated my blog presence too and have decided to make major changes for 2012! People want to read something containing useful information. Content that they can use to improve their life or the way they do business, so my blogs from now on are going to do just that. I will be covering a wide spectrum of topics from, voice-over, audio production, recording, computer hardware and software, and various business topics that can help a wide diversity of folks.

If you happen to stumble on this blog with its new informational format and like it, please subscribe, and add me to your blogroll.

So here is to a great 2012 for everyone out there! What changes have you, or are you planning to make with your voice-over business this year?