What it takes today, to be a successful voice-over artist.

I have recently found some great articles on voice-over techniques and what works and what may keep you from being cast. One of the most succesful voice-over artists right now is Mike Rowe, you know him from his Discovery channel show Dirty Jobs, he has also been the voice for several Ford commercials recently, and of course his narration work on Deadliest Catch and so on. Well, if your like me you probably have asked yourself the question, what is it that makes him so successful as a voice talent? Check out these interview audio snippets by Mary Windishar from Internet Voice Coach, as she asks these very questions to the man himself.  Mike explains when to abandon certain voice-over techniques and why he believes the honest voice is not only valuable, but  the way of the future.


Do you have anything different that you feel makes you a success in the current voice-over marketplace? I would love to hear what you may have to add!